-Name: Arianna Wolfskill

-Age: 15

-Mother: Ariadne/Mnemosyne/Hebe

-Father: Alfred Wolfskill

-Half Siblings: Ailred Wolfskill

-Aunt: Alison Wolfskill

-Personality: Arianna is confident. She loves to make friends and generally can't see right from wrong. She's smart, loving and can be easy to trick. She is crafty, and does sometimes manipulate people to do her bidding.

-History: Alfred Wolfskill already had one demigod son, so when he attracted another goddess, he thought he'd be overwhelmed. He sent his daughter to live with his sister. Since then, he's regretted not seeing his daughter grow up.

Alfred had met _______ at a cafe. The two clicked and soon, were dating. Long story short, the couple produced one a daughter, Arianna, who was born on the 7th September 1997, exactly two years after her older brother Ailred.